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Understanding Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

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As a startup, you no doubt want to scale up your business. However, there are challenges you might face, and you need to hire different skilled individuals for different tasks. The good thing is, with a cloud platform like Amazon Web Services, you can save a lot on costs. We are going to dig deeper and find out more about this frontrunner; from what it is, how it works, and its applications, to its advantages to companies using the platform. Let us begin with what it is.

What are Amazon Web Services?

If you are acquainted with Amazon, you probably know that AWS, Amazon Web Services, is its major profit driver, accounting for a large percentage of its revenue. However, what does it refer to?

Amazon Web Services, AWS, is a cloud computing platform with numerous services and products. speaking of cloud computing, what does this mean? It is the process of delivering online services to users. With cloud computing, data accessibility is possible regardless of your location since it works in any part of the globe. Also, it does not require a user to store data on any local machine.

Why do Amazon Web Services Matter to Your Business?

Amazon Web Services as an online platform has scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions for startups, businesses, and companies. Unlike the traditional computing technology used in companies, AWS is trying to move them away from that and onto the cloud. The good thing with storing on the AWS cloud is that the companies do not need to build their own storage system. Also, they don’t have to estimate their usage. Rather, with AWS, they only pay for what they use, and the system automatically scales the cost.

 This division of Amazon has different applications, as you will later find out. They range from storage, networking, security, mobile development, and remote computing to email.

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AWS has all the tools a business needs to start up with cloud storage. What’s more, if the particular company is one that was already in existence, not a startup, the platform will allow it to seamlessly move its existing infrastructure to AWS. The good thing is that such migration services are cheap and affordable.

Importantly, AWS has its servers in 81 availability zones within 26 geographic regions globally. This division of serviced regions is for the benefit of the user. How? If they wish to set geographical limits on the services they offer, it allows them. Furthermore, having these regions also aids in security as the locations holding data are diversified. The beauty of this diversification is that it avoids the loss of data in case a disaster strikes one data centre.

Understanding Amazon Web Services
Understanding Amazon Web Services

How Does Amazon Web Services Work?

Amazon Web Services allows any business to run whatever application it wishes to. What’s more, when there is a need to experiment and be innovative, this is the go-to platform. It lifts the heavyweight off your company. The good thing Is that you are not entitled to commit long-term to whatever service you use on the platform.

Also, the payment model they employ is pay-as-you-go. Therefore, there is a variety of you to experiment with, and in the process, you choose which one works best for you and satisfies your company’s needs. The advantage of this is that you will spend less time and save on costs.

Moreover, there are different services under the AWS platform. They range from technologies dealing with infrastructure e. storage, and databases. Nonetheless, it also caters to the trends in technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and analytics among others.

Importantly, there are services under the AWS platform that give you full control, while other models have AWS take full responsibility, and all you do is use it.

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Applications of Amazon Web Services

There are numerous applications of Amazon Web Services that businesses and companies can build. What’s more, there is a variety for almost every organization in each industry irrespective of the size. Notably, companies like Netflix, Adobe, Coinbase, Airbnb, Hitachi, and Capital One are among those who are using AWS.

The following are some of the most common applications of Amazon Web Services a business can build;

  • Storage and Backup

This is one of the major reasons why businesses are embracing AWS. There are multiple storage options a business can choose from. furthermore, its accessibility is top-notch, making it a great pick for storage and running critical business applications.

  • Gaming

Businesses in the gaming space aren’t left out either. Since gaming requires a lot of computing power, especially when running the applications, a business can take advantage of AWS. If you aim at enhancing the gaming experience of your gamers, this is the way to go. The good thing is, that all can enjoy it irrespective of their physical location.

  • Websites

If your business has a website, it can host it on the AWS cloud platform. It works just like other web applications offering the same service.

  • Mobile, E-commerce, and Web Applications

Scalability is one feature that almost all startups and businesses are looking out for. Who wouldn’t want to grow and scale their businesses? Therefore, if your objective is to build a scalable application without relying on an operating system, AWS got you covered.

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Understanding Amazon Web Services
Understanding Amazon Web Services


  • AWS is a secure cloud platform for storing data.
  • It is reliable
  • The price of the cloud space is cheap; hence, services are affordable. This makes it easier for everyone to use; from startups to established companies.
  • It is available globally, with 80 availability zones in 245 territories and countries.
  • It offers flexibility in matters of the computing needs of a company or business.
  • It helps companies lower their operating costs since there is no need of having extra software or hardware.


Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing online platform committed to helping businesses scale and reduce costs. Notably, there are numerous services available on this platform, and users from any part of the world can take advantage of them, irrespective of the size of their business or company. Therefore, if there is an application your business needs to run, and it is available on AWS, why not take the opportunity? You will get it at a very affordable price, and you will enjoy the security of the platform too.

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