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The Hidden Value of a Notary For your Business

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Do you run a business in the legal field? If so, a notary is not a new phenomenon. Anyone working in that industry knows the depth to which notarizing documents go. However, other than law firms, different industries can also benefit from a notary. Such include automotive, real estate, and financial service providers. So, why is a notary for business so important? Is it only for the fulfilment of legal requirements or business compliance? Interestingly, there is more hidden value to this than you may think. Please read on to find out why your business needs a notary.

What Is a Notary?

A notary, also known as a notary public, is an impartial person who acts as a witness when important documents, e.g., wills, affidavits, deeds, powers of attorney, and legal dispositions, among others, are signed. Importantly, this individual should be of proven integrity because his position requires trust and responsibility.

In a business set-up, a notary public is a certified employee given the duty to conduct legal notarizations. This individual meets the education and residency requirements. Also, the employee submits an application, which after being processed, the person gets a certification. At this point, the employee is certified and allowed to perform notarizations. Notably, most states require a renewal of this certification after a few years.

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The Role of Notary in a Business

Your business needs to have a notary within. In most cases, notarized documents are a part of the internal operations of your business. In other cases, though, document notarization is part of a service to the public.

Any business needs to run and operate smoothly and efficiently. Like most businesses, law firms, automotive dealers, and lending businesses, e.g., mortgage lenders handle notarized documents daily. Therefore, they need an in-house system to cater to the notarization services. Who doesn’t want to offer convenience to the customer?

So, what are some of the tasks of a notary? He will ensure the signer of the document is willing to do so. He also makes the client aware of what the documents contain. Moreover, the whole process of document notarization is recorded in a notary journal. Therefore, documents with a notary stamp and signs are certified as authentic.

How about a notary for business? Imagine a client spending time preparing paperwork only to be turned down because of a lack of notarizing a document! This shows how important notarizing documents in a business is. Remember, you want to meet your customers’ expectations, give them convenience and improve their experience. Furthermore, your business benefits greatly when it has notarized documents.

Notary Options

Notarization helps businesses run smoothly. However, can all businesses have an on-site notary public? This doesn’t have to be the case. You can even have an online notarization platform where you get the documents notarized. After all, customers are increasingly embracing digitalized systems. So, could you give them the experience they crave? Nonetheless, an online notarization platform also benefits your business as you don’t have to be at a specific location to notarize documents. It allows notarization any day, any time, and anywhere. How convenient!

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Furthermore, you can offer your customers and employees the best of both worlds. Combine the two options; have an on-site notary and take advantage of an online notarization platform to enjoy maximum flexibility.

So, having looked at the notary options you can explore, how about finding out the value of this process?

Notary For Your Business; The Hidden Value

As you may already know, a notary may be a requirement by the law. However, are there other important reasons why your business should have a notary system to have documents notarized? The following are hidden values of this important part of a business transaction;

Act as Legal Protection

Are you conducting a business son contract? If so, disputes and litigation may sometimes arise and affect the business negatively in the end. So, what do you do to prevent them from happening? A notarized document comes in handy as legal protection.

Helps Save Time

When you hold a business transaction with a client whose documents are already notarized, the process is faster. On the other hand, if the customer does not have the documents notarized, you may have to send him away first to get it done. Remember, though, that the customer may never return to complete the transaction.

Suppose your business has access to an online notarization platform. In that case, your employees or clients do not have to get to a local notary to complete this important part of a business transaction. Rather, the process can be done quickly online when on site.

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Creates Convenience and Improves Customer Interaction

In cases when you have a notary on-site, your customer doesn’t have to struggle with notarizing his documents. This creates convenience and helps improve the interaction between you and the client.

The Hidden Value of a Notary For your Business
The Hidden Value of a Notary For your Business

Enhance Document Credibility

How credible are your business documents? Like most documents, they are not considered binding until they get notarized. Therefore, as much as you don’t have to notarize all your documents, this is an important step to boost their credibility and authenticity. So, get that notary’s signature and tamp to have legally binding documents. After all, a notarized document is highly valuable, so why not give yours that value?

Reduce the Need for a Witness in Court

As mentioned earlier, a notary’s signature and stamp authenticate a document. Therefore, a notarized document can come in handy during a trial if you operate a law firm. The client can submit the notarized document to a court of law without presenting any more proof. Therefore, he will not need to have a witness. Imagine how much money and time he can save in the process!

Notarize Your Business Documents

At this point, you may be thinking of notarizing your documents in case you haven’t done so. This is a good step to take and offers more value and benefit than meeting the legal requirements. You can have a public notary, get the documents notarized online from an online notarization platform, or combine both for flexibility. Therefore, ensure you have a notary for your business regardless of your industry from a law firm, automotive, real estate, financial service, leasing of equipment, or construction.

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