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The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy

API Monetization

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The growth of the data economy increases the number of mobile, desktop, and web apps powered by API (Application Programming Interface). This is an innovative digital strategy with great value to software developers and other IT extras. Also, businesses are incorporating API monetization into their management through different ways to increase their revenue. Please keep reading to find out what API monetization means and how businesses can succeed at it.

What is API Monetization?

This is a business practice that businesses and companies incorporate into their API management plan to increase their revenues. Therefore, anyone employing the strategy has a revenue mindset benefitting the business.  Unlike the traditional business model where monetization is through the direct provision of service to the end consumer, the API monetization model allows businesses to sell API access directly to software developers. They in turn use it to obtain some data and perform other functions.

Some of the duties that software developers and IT extras can perform using the API include;

  • Translating languages
  • Translating currencies
  • Sending emails and SMS
  • Processing payments
  • Get the prevailing weather conditions

Before you develop an API for your business, it is important to think about the financial costs you will incur when maintaining the API. Moreover, think about the best price you will put on the value the API gives your customers. Considering what your competitors in the same space are charging for their API values is also important.

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The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy
The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy

How to Monetize API?

Before you choose a pricing model that works for your business and the service you offer, what should you do? Brace yourself with the pricing options available in the market. What are your competitors charging? So, in what ways can you monetize your business’ API?

Notably, monetization can either be direct or indirect. First, you can offer your primary services through the API. For instance, if you have a Software as a Service, SaaS, platform, offer the needed app functionalities to developers at a fee. The moment you realize your main service can be a necessary feature within the context of some other product, tap on this opportunity to monetize.

When your main services are within your app or website, you can use API to draw the attention of visitors to your platform. So, if you have your product or service monetized differently, why not draw users’ attention to your site?

Lastly, when there is a non-API service offered, you can still monetize your API. How? When the service or product offered doesn’t have its own API, a third-party API provider can come in handy. So, since the product or service is own its native website, an independent app developer can show what they offer. The developer needs an API to get access to the data on the website, e.g their product listing.

Importantly, the cost of your API varies depending on how much customers use it. For instance, you can opt for a monthly subscription where the API accesses a database and a fixed amount is paid. Alternatively, there is a Pay-Per-Use option that is most suitable for varying rates of charges. This can be the case when developers use the API to send SMS and there are charges for each message.

Remember, when you put your API out there as merchandise, you can easily maximize your returns. Notably, APIs are becoming a major factor in increasing firms’ financial development.

With such information on API monetization, what secret can help your business succeed in whatever API monetization strategy it employs? Let us find out.

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How to Succeed in API Monetization?

Regardless of the API monetization strategy you use in your business, the following can help;

  • Embrace Collaboration

As earlier mentioned, when you expose your API to other suppliers, you increase your chances of having returns. However, it is important to know your business, firm, or company’s local consumption before you consider partnering with a third party. For instance, when you offer SaaS to other firms, you can grow your business. This requires great collaboration; from your end, and the other party too.

Therefore, it is possible to externally leverage your API. The good news is that you don’t need to have your own API when you can take advantage of third-party APIs. Doing so will save you a lot of time. So, look at the service you can have exterior companies do for you. be keen to see the APIs being utilized and how they are used.

  • Get the Design Right

Before you expose your API, it is important to know who or what it is for, and how it is going to benefit them. Therefore, regardless of the technique you use, its design should cater to the needs of who or what it is meant to assist.

The good thing with getting the design right is that the product you have will withstand whatever challenges the business faces. Besides, it will have higher chances of bringing in a profit. Additionally, it will help you know when it is appropriate to get third-party assistance rather than have an API for everything done internally.

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The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy
The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy
  • Prioritize High Quality

When you expose your API, you are sharing out information. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it is good to know the kind of information you are exposing and who your recipient is. Unfortunately, the increasing number of reports on API assaults is alarming.

This, therefore, means you should consider safety, security, and business compliance. You can achieve this by testing the API to confirm whether it is in line with the business requirements or not. Automation of the testing process is one great move software developers can make. So, to have a high-quality API in the market, why not have the developers make a mock representation of the same. You can then test it, receive suggestions, and make some tweaks before the official launch?


The data economy is growing immensely, and businesses are incorporating APIs into their operations. They do this internally or from a third-party software provider. The main goal of API monetization is to increase the revenues of a business. This in turn leads to the growth of different businesses. Remember, you can monetize API directly or indirectly. The good thing, however, is that certain strategies are a secret to success irrespective of the API strategy you are using. They include; embracing collaboration, prioritizing high quality, and having the right design.

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