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The Amazing Secret of API Monetization Strategy

The growth of the data economy increases the number of mobile, desktop, and web apps powered by API (Application Programming Interface). This is an...

How To Create A Sales Funnel; A Guide For 2022

When you have an online business, generating leads and making sales are key. To achieve this, you at times need to lead your potential...

Marketing Technologies That Every Company Must Use

The world's changing technology has transformed people's way of communicating when shopping. Marketing has evolved into a digital form of art known as digital...

Personalized Marketing: How to Connect with Customers?

Personalized marketing is an advertising technique that enhances the individual brand experience by tailoring marketing content for existing and potential customers. Personalized marketing is...

What is White Label and How Can You Use It in Your Business

Have you ever heard the statement: "The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers". A business owner indeed creates...

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