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 New Crime in the Metaverse: What to Expect

Crimes in the Metaverse

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Recently, the number of metaverse crimes has increased tremendously. The metaverse is being used to commit crimes against children, adults, and youths. These crimes mostly involve harassment, online abuse, identity theft, disinformation, counterfeiting, and mass surveillance. While these crimes bear severe consequences to the victims and the culprits when found, it has positive effects too. This article discusses how the metaverse affects society positively and negatively. Considering this material will satisfy your desire to try the metaverse.

What are Metaverse Crimes, and How Do They Affect the Society?

The metaverse can be identified as an itineration of the internet in technology to conduct crimes against children, theft against individuals and organizations, or having dealings with financial fraud and counterfeiting.

While the metaverse has both positive and negative effects, one must examine each to find a solution to its crimes. This incredible innovative technology has the power to change our world for the better by addressing the pitfalls to avoid. Due to these effects, we’ll narrow down to critically consider both positive and negative effects.  

Positive Effects of Metaverse Crimes

Training and Education

Metaverse can transform training and education by providing learning opportunities for both formal and informal sectors. It also offers help for all formal organizations, including schools, through lifelong learning, corporate training, and personal improvement. Through VR and AR technology, children can take lessons by transporting themselves to places at different times. For instance, Poland teachers use this form of technology to teach their students during science lessons. On the other hand, companies use VR and AR to conduct their health training virtually.

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New Crime in the Metaverse What to Expect
New Crime in the Metaverse What to Expect


Metaverse provides basic innovative ways that help each care for their health. In the medical field, advanced medical practitioners use VR and AR goggles to provide therapy to patients who need it. This procedure helps patients who have gone through therapy sessions to keep safe in a controlled environment. Nevertheless, you can use VR and AR at home to help you when doing daily workouts like yoga or any other practice. This is made possible using the app, which designates suggestions to help with workouts.

Trade Sector

The metaverse has gained access to the trade sector to the advantage of business entrepreneurs. For instance, business owners in the hotel industry use VR and AR as market tools to lure customers. These economically established countries like Rome and Dubai are using this mode of technology to promote excursions in their industries.

The banking industry is too benefiting from the advancements of the metaverse. In the near future, banks will have the ability to automate services such as online payments. The user experience when opening bank accounts is expected to improve.

Entrepreneurs who run virtual businesses have also benefitted greatly from virtual reality spaces. Marketing has become easier and it is easier to interact with virtual customers.

Despite these presented benefits of using the metaverse to improve your business, take caution because of the new crimes presented by it.

Negative Effects of Crimes in the Metaverse

After considering the positive effects of the metaverse, the crimes attached to it are more severe, seeing how far it has reached to advance technology. Criminals have exploited this technology, presenting great losses to e-commerce entrepreneurs and individuals using it. The following are some of these negative effects.

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Metaverse criminals present fake airdrops and giveaway scams to innocent victims. Moreover, the most affected subjects in this regard are those with crypto assets. Criminals try to lure users into clicking malicious links to get confidential information. However, the future of these metaverse criminals is only futile and will end soon.

In cases where child molestation is prevalent, metaverse criminals use this platform to display harmful content portraying children as sex addicts. They produce child sexual abuse material (CSAM), which harms the viewers and is against the law. Posted content has been found non-compliant with child regulations. This could be sensitive information that potentially harms anyone who encounters such content.

How Can Metaverse Crimes Be Controlled?

It is crucial to prevent the metaverse from worsening in the financial world to avoid bankruptcy. This can be achieved by protecting the metaverse-related transactions and e-wallets to help target illicit connections, protecting money laundering and sanction risks.

Metaverse crimes can also be prevented by conducting thorough investigations, blocking withdrawals, segregating funds, and alerting the police immediately such an incident occurs. Conduct due diligence on a metaverse project and the team behind it to avoid getting trapped by false links used by metaverse criminals.

New Crime in the Metaverse What to Expect
New Crime in the Metaverse What to Expect

The best reaction, however, is to take severe action against those who are found guilty of metaverse crimes. This behavior is bound to reduce or even stop once serious legal actions are taken to prevent it from repeating. Social VR and AR platforms play a major role in addressing such issues to help legal authorities with investigations.

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What to Expect For Crimes in the Metaverse

Due to the rising technology effects in this digital world, we expect to advance daily with new technology features as time passes. The metaverse serves a great need for different people, including business owners, who venture into technology to get customers. As a business owner who seeks to avoid getting trapped by metaverse criminals, expect to see an end to these crimes. The police force has taken critical measures to help navigate through the tactics used and help stop them from spreading.

The police have access to specific tools that help them get to these criminals and will soon be done away with. It has become apparent that the metaverse will be $13 trillion by 2030, but this comes with many negativities because it spikes the rates of metaverse crimes. While this is a general overview, it raises concerns about the future of financial crimes in the metaverse. In this case, these criminals use this platform to their benefit by laundering assets and transferring them for their gains.

Concluding Text

With the prevalence of crimes in the metaverse, the police take great measures to halt this effect on people today. The international criminal police (Interpol) takes practical measures to stop criminals from using the metaverse to their advantage. They have launched a global police metaverse to train members to operate the virtual world. The police are given access to tools of knowledge using the avatar to hide identity and conduct forensic investigations and other criminal investigation activities. Even though the metaverse has advantages for those who use it, every user should be cautious to avoid contact with metaverse criminals.

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