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Improved Work Environment: AI-enabled employee experience

Bring out the best in employees and creates a versatile and convenient workspace.

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There was a time where people felt the internet was another world, but now people realize it’s a tool that we use in this world.

In today’s generation, the Internet of things (IoT) has become not just a development in technology, it’s a tool we use, it dwells among us. A great stride in technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has been incorporated into almost every system, from health to business to education, its use cannot be overemphasized.

In this article, we would discuss how to enhance employee experience in the work environment by incorporating AI into the workspace. Let’s get started.

What does employee experience mean?

Simply put, employee experience refers to the total experience had in a company by an employee. Employee experience is an important determinant of a company’s loss or retention of talent.

In other words, if an employee’s general experience is great, a company is certain they have made a great impression on the employee.

So, how does a company improve the work experience of its employees using AI?

AI in the Workplace

In this section we’ll see how you can introduce AI into the workplace:

  • Recruitment process

AI can make the recruitment process easy and bias-free for your company. If an HR manager strictly requires candidates from a specific geographical location or specific skill set, instead of going through tons of applications, he can use specific parameters to provide instructions to his AI and it selects the right candidates for the job.

If an employer seeks to reduce unconscious bias either for gender or race, introducing AI creates a means for you to attract a diverse field of applicants and give everyone equal opportunity to progress throughout the recruitment process.

  • Onboarding Process

The first day of work is always meant to be memorable, it is the beginning of an employee’s experience. Research has shown that the first 90 days in a company are employees’ formative times. During this time they form opinions about the company ethics, colleague, culture, and even their future in the company.

To make this process memorable, AI can be introduced to point them in the right direction for relevant resources, help them with the basic paperwork, and providing answers to basic orientation questions. This can help provide better experiences for the newcomers.

  • Culture and Connection

Creating the spirit of collaboration and connection in the workspace can be difficult. But these emotional connections are key aspects that foster long-term employee relationships. So, to help with this an employee could bring in the support of AI to set up introductory team members meetings or casual coffee meetups. This would help foster a healthy work environment and build great work relationships

  • Training process

From time to time companies that place value on their employees train them professionally, so they can get better at their jobs. Sometimes, these trainings are not fit to the abilities of each employee.

With AI as a tool in the HR department, it offers a level of personalization that might be difficult for human HRs to achieve.

AI can offer individual feedback on employee programs stating where he is excelling and where he lags. This gives managers great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their employees and helps them improve their productivity.

  • Fun workspace

With the onset of the pandemic, the workspace has taken a new dimension, with remote jobs being on the rise. So, collaborations and fun activities are necessary, companies now adopt the use of Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create better experiences for their employees.

Employers could set up virtual meetups, games and even virtual company getaways just to keep the thrill of their employees.

Finally, the infusion of AI into the workplace is a great step in the right direction. It helps bring out the best in employees and creates a versatile and convenient workspace. So, make use of AI developments and create mastery with your employees.

To improve the experience and motivation of your employees, you can issue virtual debit cards for them as a bonus or incentive.

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