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How Voice Search is Transforming the Future of E-Commerce

Your smart device can finally get to talk to you.

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Are you familiar with phrases like “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google?” If you use them for your internet searches, you are among the global consumers taking advantage of these search engines. Whether you want to make a call, play some music, check the weather, or any other purpose, they got you covered. However, what exactly is voice search, and what impact does it have on the future of e-commerce? To find out the answers to these and more, please keep reading.

What is Voice Search?

Before looking at the business application of voice search, how about finding what it exactly means? This technology involves using speech to ask and get responses from compatible devices, which can be your smartphone, smart speaker, or any other smart device. Once your device gets the question, it will respond or follow whatever command you give. Therefore, just as humans do, your smart device can finally get to talk to you.

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Interestingly, many are embracing these devices daily for different purposes. The number of internet users utilizing such devices and the provision is increasing. Therefore, audio search is becoming part of getting information; hence, it is high time you did if you haven’t tried using it.

The available research also indicates how rapid the use of voice search is. There are estimates of an increase in smart speakers in households and smart shopping come 2022. Therefore, its application in businesses is expected to keep growing.

How Does Voice Search Work?

Getting speech responses from your device and having it obey your commands can be exciting. However, have you ever thought of how these smart devices work? The technology embedded in these compatible voice search devices allows them to talk to you. To get them to do what you want, you can use certain phrases like;

  • Hey Siri
  • Ok Google
  • Alexa

Once you use any of the phrases, your command or question has to follow. Thankfully, the devices are incorporated with a voice assistant that helps transcription whatever words you speak into text. Next, the text is analyzed, and your device will then determine what you (the user) need.

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The next question is how the voice search devices get the answers to give you when you need them. They can connect to different search engines to source the data they deliver to you. The good thing about this is the relevance in the information they give as a response to your questions or commands.

Once the device connects to an external source of data, the program gets to convert it into a format you can easily digest. The next thing you know is the satisfaction of your intent. You get either a response to the internet search or command you gave.

With the knowledge of how this beautiful technology works, how about we be specific on its application and focus entirely on the business aspect; e-commerce? We will look at the transformations to expect in the future of e-commerce thanks to voice search.

Voice Search Transforming the Future of E-Commerce

As you now know, many online users are embracing voice search technology. The business world isn’t left out either with the rise of this market game-changer. The following are some of the ways we can expect to see voice search transforming e-commerce;

  • Enhance a Personalized Shopping Experience

Individual tastes and preferences vary from one customer to the next. Thankfully, with recommendations, you can get a personalized shopping experience. Remember, the orders you place when shopping online can come in handy for voice search technology.

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Therefore, the more you use Alexa to place your orders, it gets to a point when the suggestions you get are somehow related to your frequent searches. Whether you buy clothes or food online, vice search technology can use the previous information to suggest to you something that you would probably like.

  • Easy Review Process

Before making online purchases, chances are you will go through the reviews to find out what other purchasers say about the particular commodity. Thankfully, voice search is making this easy for businesses. Your business can now get more reviews from customers easily.

On the other hand, customers can efficiently and easily leave their feedback. Therefore, when searching for consumer reviews, you can trust such to be genuine. Plus, since the consumers have an experience using the particular item you would like to purchase, you can now decide whether to go ahead with buying or not.

  • Improved Smart Shopping

Thanks to voice and AI technology, voice search can now understand what your online shopping habits are. Moreover, it will get to understand your behavior after a while. Suppose you use Siri when doing your monthly grocery shopping; it will understand what you always buy on such occasions with time. Therefore, when you forget one or two items from your usual list, it will remind you.

So, as a consumer, this is a great way of embracing technology for your own benefit.

  • Time-saving

Unlike a long time you will take when typing the question, you want to answer or the command you want the response to, voice search is time-efficient. With this technology, you no longer get stressed typing long phrases to get what you need.

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Remember, the number of words you can speak per minute surpasses those you can type within the same duration. Therefore, voice search technology is here for you if you want to save time when conducting your internet searches. Finally, you can bid time wastage goodbye when searching for products online. What’s more, you will quickly get your response back.


Voice search is continually embraced widely, and it will surely transform the future of e-commerce. The good thing is, both the consumers and businesses are experiencing the benefits now and can expect to experience more in the near future. Some amazing transformations are enhanced customer experience and time efficiency, especially when you get quick responses to your online searches and get a personalized user experience based on your previous searches. Nonetheless, getting more customer reviews is now easier. Therefore, with the continued innovation in technology, why not make Alexi, Siri or any other voice search tool your friend?

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