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How to Get a Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store

Proof of Address

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You’re about to get yourself a proof of address for your Amazon store. However, one thing we are sure of is that the procedure may be challenging, drawn out, and occasionally unpleasant.  This happens most especially when it comes to submitting the necessary documentation.

You must ensure that all of your paperwork list the same location in addition to possessing the appropriate documentation. Although getting a real company address and proofing it can seem like a difficult undertaking, there is actually an efficient way to do it. Continue reading to learn which documents you will need and how to proof your Amazon store address. 

Opening an Amazon Store

Depending on your company strategy and objectives, you may wish to sell primarily on a number of different social media sites, build a custom DTC website from the ground up, or open a storefront on an already established marketplace like Amazon to reach a wider audience. Regardless of the path you take, the objective is to provide visitors with a great experience so they’ll come back and become repeat customers.

A few steps you might wish to take while opening an Amazon store are listed below:

  • Pick a business strategy: Will you make goods by hand, buy wholesale, collaborate with a manufacturer to create unique items, or take another route?
  • Decide who your audience is: Identify your top customers. Do you wish to focus on a certain niche?
  • Focus on the items you wish to sell. For inspiration, look at these instances of prosperous e-commerce enterprises or explore product ideas.
  • Create a price plan: You already know what you want to sell, but can you actually profit from it? To get the best selling price and determine your margins, study your competitors or utilize a pricing automation tool.

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  • Establish fulfillment: How will you distribute goods to customers, much alone keep them? Processes for managing inventories and completing orders should be in place.
  • Make a storefront on Amazon: To display your items, accept payments, and keep up a web presence for your company, use an e-commerce storefront.

Your ideal Amazon Store

Now that your store is online, it’s time to spread the word about your products utilizing e-commerce marketing strategies like digital advertising, SEO, and content marketing. An ideal online shop will be simple to start up, need little to no maintenance, and include the essential features required to run e-commerce, such as establishing pricing and accepting payments online. Additionally, the correct e-commerce solution may enable you to reach your target market, provide a simple and secure user experience to gain customers’ confidence and provide analytics to track sales and identify company expansion potential.

How to Get a Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store
How to Get a Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store

Virtual Mail Address for Your Amazon Store

Some Amazon sellers choose to make use of their home addresses when doing their online business. This is a typical choice, although you might not feel comfortable disclosing your home’s address. A virtual mailbox is a simple and inexpensive alternative if you wish to keep your home address confidential. Some Amazon sellers even have an actual warehouse or location, but they want to keep it a secret to prevent buyers from showing up unannounced.

  • Make use of the shipping and return labels’ addresses.
  • To give your brand credibility, keep your home address private on your website and shopfront.
  • Include it in contracts and some registrations.
  • To receive mail, use the address.

Which Documents Will You Need to Get Amazon Store Proof of Address

Most people use utility bills and lease/mortgage statements are the two types of evidence of address. 

  1. The first document is the leasing agreement. You can give Amazon a deed or a mortgage statement if you are the owner of the structure and the physical location of your company.  Providing a leasing agreement is possible if the office is rented. Renting an office space in the United States for a reasonable fee to serve as Amazon’s proof of address.
  2. Utility bill– You have to present a utility bill for the physical address used to register, together with any other supporting documentation demonstrating your ability to do business from that location, for the utility bill. It must satisfy the following requirements in order to display the service address.

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Requirements for the Utility Bill Proof of Address

It is a utility company’s water, power, gas, internet, or telecom bill

  1. The customer service location and name must be legible and correspond to the business and the actual address.
  2. The name of the lessor on the utility bill and the lease agreement must be the same if the lessor is paying the utility. Notably, it must have been issued in the last 180 days.
  3. Additionally, you should pay for all of them at your address in addition to your rent, lease, or mortgage is considered a utility bill.
  4. Business license – The name and information for the business (address, registration number, and entity type) must be clearly shown. 

The official representative’s or beneficiary’s name must coincide with the name on the identity certificate. Additionally, the registered business address must match and the address must be valid for at least 90 days after the registration date. Lastly, the local government must not have canceled or terminated the registration.

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Amazon Store Regarding Utility Bills

You must think about the structure of the statement in addition to providing the right kind of bill with the correct name and address. Utility bills, bank statements, incomplete papers, Word documents, zipped files, and Excel files are not acceptable screenshots for Amazon. You risk being denied if you change any papers you submit to Amazon.

How to Get a Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store
How to Get a Proof of Address for Your Amazon Store

The ideal file types for Amazon are PDF and PNG, which are complete documents without any edge clipping, and papers in one of their supported languages.

Proof of Address of Your Amazon Store

You should be sure to upload the papers in their full and in acceptable formats. This is because Amazon has been known to reject screenshots and/or incomplete documents. Within two business days of receiving your papers, Amazon Payments will analyze them and, if necessary, get in touch with you for additional clarity. A @amazon.com email address or Seller Central Performance Notifications will be used for communication. In that case, regularly check your emails.

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