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How To Boost International Sales By Understanding Reshippers


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Who is a reshipper and why are they trending in the world of e-commerce. E-commerce is a global trend gaining massive global embrace.  This means that you can receive domestic and international orders as an online retailer. Moreover, you can employ various strategies to boost your international sales. One of these is utilizing the services of  a reshippers. The good thing is that different reshipping companies help facilitate cross-border eCommerce.

They ensure the orders get to their final destination. However, it would help if you had a good reshipper for the success of your business. After all, there are various cases of fraudsters in this field. Please read on to find out more about reshippers and how you can identify the legitimate and right one to boost your international sales.

Who is a Reshipper?

A reshipper is a company that reships items from the seller to the customer. It is also referred to as a Forwarder or a freight forwarder and is a middleman connecting a shopper in one country to a seller in another. It accepts a product on the buyer’s behalf and provides its address, where the item will be sent. Therefore, a client using the service uses the reshipper’s address when sending small or large packages.  It comes in handy when the seller does not offer shipping services to the customers.

Notably, reshippers can send various products, from furniture to gifts. However, there are items they cannot send. Such include perishable goods, medication, and animal products, among other restricted products. Furthermore, there are reshipper companies that ship the “dangerous goods” to their respective destinations. Thus, always confirm with the company if they are licensed to ship such products as flammable products.

Additionally, each company has different charges. Therefore, ensure you know the prices you are working with before you use their service. The amount you pay varies from one company to the other depending on the item to be sent and its destination.

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Why Have a Reshipper?

Reshippers benefit both the merchants and the buyers. Below are the reasons why you can use reshippers in eCommerce;

A Wider Audience

Reshippers usually offer their services to a wider audience. Therefore, as a seller, you can take advantage of these companies to ensure you make sales to clients from different parts of the globe. Thus, you will not lose a client because you can’t deliver to their destination.

Furthermore, shipping to a larger audience may also mean that you may have several legitimate clients with different payment methods but similar shipping addresses. In this case, it is wise first to approve that you are dealing with a reshipper, especially when using a linking technology. Why is this important? It prevents you from having chargebacks.

Similarly, customers can purchase items from various international sellers. This also includes retailers who do not accept international payments. Therefore, they can shop online and send the reshipper’s address instead. This is where the seller will send the purchased item to.

Helps Save Money

A reshipper comes in handy if the shipping costs are extremely high. Therefore, as a merchant, you shouldn’t worry if your international client prefers to use a forwarder. However, the case I different if you offer free shipping services.

Continued Updates

Having a third-party company reship an item to its final destination requires a lot of reassurance. It is no wonder reshippers usually take photos of the item. Besides, it updates you when the item is in transit and whether the item or its packaging is damaged.

How To Boost International Sales By Understanding a Reshipper
How To Boost International Sales By Understanding Reshipper

Moreover, you will get updates when the item arrives at the desired destination.

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An Option When the Seller Doesn’t Offer Shipping

Sometimes, a client may want an item, only to be disappointed upon learning that the seller does not offer shipping services to their region. However, if the seller utilizes the reshipper option, customers can get the items they buy regardless of location as long as the company reships to their region.

How to Identify a Good Reshipping company

This is one of the most important steps in boosting your international sales. Reshipper services help you serve your international clients better. Therefore, it is good to identify when you are dealing with one. The following are some of the things you can look at;

  • The address or phone numbers; Reshipper addresses tend to have many mobile numbers and letters with a specific sequence.
  • Google; you can always make an online search to be sure in case you have your doubts. This way, you can be convinced that the number provided by the end customer belongs to a reshipper. Look for names such as freight/cargo forwarders, package shippers, and international shipping services.

Is It Safe to Use a Reshipping Company?

With reported cases of fraudsters lying to customers, only for them to end up faking addresses, you may think twice about using reshipper services. However, the good news is that there are legitimate companies to your rescue.

In most cases, they will take photos of the item to reassure you that it is in transit. Furthermore, reshipper companies have taken insurance covers for your protection in case the item gets lost or damaged while in transit.

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How To Boost International Sales By Understanding a Reshipper
How To Boost International Sales By Understanding Reshipper

In some cases, customers have used reshippers to hide their real locations. For instance, be concerned with domestic customers who use a reshipper rather than having a direct shipment. However, this does not mean that no legit clients rely on reshippers’ services. Therefore, it is safe to use a reshipper as long as it is a legally registered company that takes various steps to reassure that the item is in good hands as it gets to your destination. Also, as a merchant, ensure you review a reshipper before using it for international orders.

Concluding Text

Reshippers help connects you to your international clients, helping you boost your sales. As much as there are fraudsters in the space, you can have a chance to work with legitimate reshippers and customers. If you want to get your products from your online store to your customer’s doorstep, 1Fullfillment.com covers you. They take care of the picking, packaging, and shipping. Moreover,they get the items to your clients as quickly as possible. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore, enjoy the experience of serving your international clients.

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