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How Can You Remove Google Reviews

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Google reviews are very important for your business. It provides valuable information to customers about your business. When people leave reviews about your business, they appear next to your Business profile in Maps and Search. They play an essential role in satisfying the customers to buy your product or to avail your services.

This is because customers use Google reviews to get more reliable information about your businesses through online peers. Google reviews not only help with getting trust in your business. If your business has positive testimonials, there are more chances for your business to rank better.

Why are Google Reviews important?

Google ranks the businesses and brands based on the activity of ratings. Google boosts businesses with high ratings because such businesses are considered more engaging and reliable.

Not only ranking, but Google reviews also help in turning the visitors into potential customers. According to Bright Local’s survey; 91% of the people occasionally read online reviews, and 74% of the people say that they buy products based on positive Google reviews. Therefore, business reviews play an important role in growing your business.

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Why can I not delete Google Reviews?

Unfortunately, no system in Google allows you to delete negative business reviews posted by people. Sometimes it happens that people have negative reviews on your business that are very random and not very honest. But still, you don’t get any type of system from Google to delete such reviews. Here are two methods that will help you delete the negative testimonials removed from your business;

1.    Report that customer

If you think that the person who has posted a negative review on your business is fake or a scam then you can report such a user. Google removes the reviews of people who are scammers and writes some inappropriate stuff. When you report such a customer, Google will research about the user, and if Google finds him to be a scam or inappropriate then it will delete the negative testimonials from your profile.

2.    Ask the customer to delete the review

Another method that you can use to get the Google reviews removed is by asking the customer to delete those reviews. First, analyze the problem of the customer, why he has left that negative review. Then assure them that you will fix that issue and request them to delete the negative review from your business.

Ways to Respond to Google Reviews

Although we have mentioned two methods to get the Google reviews removed from your there is no authenticity that the negative business reviews will get removed from this. But here is one strategy that will help you cut the impact of negative reviews. Wisely respond to the negative reviews. Make sure to reply quickly, acknowledge your mistake if there’s any, apologize and empathize and finally ensure your customers that you solve their issue and in the future improve your services.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to write impressive responses to negative reviews;

  • Don’t make excuses, take responsibility for the issue your service has.
  • Even if the customer is wrong, issue an apology, it will impart a great impact on your customers.
  • Try to offer any advice to your customer about how they can re-engage with your business.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can conclude that Google reviews are an important part of your business. Therefore, you need to give some special attention to this aspect of your business as well. Negative reviews need more attention, but with the usage of the above-mentioned ways, tips, and tricks, you will be able to efficiently deal with your business reviews.

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