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How and Where to Get Documents Notarized

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A business needs to have its document notarized. The value of this process goes beyond compliance. It encourages authenticity and discourages fraud. Besides, companies can have an on-site public notary to get the needed stamps and signatures. On the other hand, an online notary platform is a way to go to attain convenience. So, if you are already thinking of online notarization, how do you get the documents notarized? Where can you get them notarized? Please read on to explore more and get the answers to these questions.

What is Document Notarization?

This is an official process through which documents such as powers of attorney, real property deeds, trusts, or wills are made authentic and legitimate. At the same time, both parties of a transaction are present. The notary in charge of the whole transaction must be trustworthy and responsible, with high integrity. Therefore, a notarized document is certified and authenticated by a notary.

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Notarization is also referred to as notarial acts and includes the following common types;

  • Acknowledgements; In this notarial act, the signer appears in person and declares that the sign on the document is theirs and that it was not given under duress. It is common in property ownership, powers of attorney, and trust transfer.
  • Signature witnessing; This is the most common type, and a notary must be present to certify that the signer is the correct one and indeed signed the documents.
  • Jurats; This notarial act deals with the verification of how truthful and trustworthy the documents are. It is most common in criminal and justice systems where evidence-related documents exist.
  • Certification; This deals with certifying the reproduction of copies of the document. It also involves clarifying that the document contents are true and exact. It is evident in passports, driver’s licenses, and transcripts.

How To Get Documents Notarized

Notarization is an important process in businesses in different industries, from construction, real estate, financial lenders, and others involving legal procedures. A company can employ a public notary to get the document notarized. Alternatively, it can opt for an online platform where all the activities occur.

Steps Taken by The Notary Public to Ensure Documents Are Notarized

  • Identity verification; The notary will request details that can identify you and will most likely ask you to present your ID. Such details include your photo, signature, physical description, passport, or military ID. In most cases, the public notary will typically journal and record the details chronologically.

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  • Validation of Document; Once you meet the standards of the set criteria, the notary will validate your document. On the other hand, if it fails to meet any, the notary will not validate your document.
  • Signature and Sealing; At this point, the whole process of document notarization is complete. It happens when your document is successfully validated. In this last step, the notary will affix his signature, stamp it, sealing it off.

Therefore, document notarization is a simple process. However, ensure you have all that a notary requires so your document gets validated and you are not sent away. So, when meeting a notary, you must carry a completed document, a legal identification document such as a passport, a military ID, or a driver’s license. Nonetheless, if there are any other signers needed, ensure you they are there. Also, carry some money to pay for the service.

Remember, when you go for an in-person notary service, you can pay a fee of anything between $2 to $10. On the other hand, if you appreciate the convenience and flexibility of an online notary platform, you should be willing to pay more. So, where can you get your documents notarized? Let us find out.

How And Where to Get Documents Notarized
How And Where to Get Documents Notarized

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Where To Get Documents Notarized

Other than the requirements for document notarization, you may be wondering where exactly you can get the process done. Worry no more. The following are some of the locations where you can easily start with notarizing your documents;

Your bank; You can notarize your business documents at a bank which your business is registered under. A place such as a bank has a notary public or notary staff ready to certify your signature.

The following are other individuals who can notarize your document;

  • A clerk of a court of record or his deputy
  • An attorney
  • Court commissioner
  • Register of deeds or is deputy
  • The county clerk or his deputy
The following are other individuals who can notarize your document;
The following are other individuals who can notarize your document;

Therefore, businesses such as law firms, real estate, and financial lenders offer on-site notarization services to their clients. This improves customer interaction with a business. Also, the client and the business can enjoy the convenience of an online platform to have the documents notarized regardless of the place or time of the day.

Furthermore, you can ask for advice or referral if you know of a trusted friend, family member, or perhaps a colleague who has recently had their or business’ documents notarized. Moreover, you can search online for a notary near you.

Have Your Documents Notarized

Notarization of documents is important for legal requirements, authentication of the documents, and preventing any forgery and fraud. Businesses can benefit from the process. Additionally, different notarizations suit various documents. Furthermore, there are certain requirements a signer must have to ensure the documents are notarized. Importantly, you can decide to take advantage of a notary in a different place like a bank. On the other hand, an online platform like notary24.com is here to help you get your documents notarized efficiently and conveniently while offering you, your business, or your client the flexibility you need.

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