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Holographic AR – New Business Meeting Feature

Thanks to holographic AR, users can see themselves in a virtual world.

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How do you feel about having an accurate hologram of yourself? What’s more, how about businesses adopting virtual replicas of their offices? As much as interactions would be real-time, the feeling is as if everything is in a physical space. Thanks to Covid-19, businesses are advancing in technology and are facilitating a remote workforce. Therefore, to discover more about the new business feature, holographic AR, keep reading.  

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What is Holographic AR?

Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) is a technology that can bring physical and real people and objects into a virtual environment. In this space, they use digital elements to interact. Moreover, the hologram used here has a 3-D effect. This means that you can have a more interactive virtual service when you use holographic AR.

Therefore, thanks to holographic AR, users can see themselves in a virtual world. Also, the technology makes it easy for them to interact with other objects within the digital space. The good thing with Holographic AR is, you don’t have to see something to believe it exists. Instead, if you have ever wished to be in any world, this technology will help you do that. Whether you want to see yourself on planet Mars or have yourself at the bottom of the deepest ocean, Holographic AR is here for you. It will overlay your image into a digital interface such that you appear to be in a different world.

Moreover, whatever gestures you make with your hands, the movements on your body, your voice, or the expressions of your face all will have a sequential outcome. They will have a natural feel as they control the whole experience. This is because this technology uses a natural user interface, NUI. Therefore, this is one of the innovative aspects of this technology.

Importantly, it is good to realize that Holographic AR is mainly successful thanks to the use of NUI technology which makes it easy for users to interact freely in a virtual environment. Therefore, blending reality and non-reality is not a hassle.

One of the benefits of holographic technology is the experience for the business field. Let us find out about this.

Holographic AR in the Business World

In the past few years, artificial intelligence, AI, and virtual reality (VR) have been among the technologies that many businesses worldwide have embraced. However, coming to 2021, there has been an evolution and more innovation in technology. All this advancement brings an extra edge to businesses, and among them is holographic technology.

The pandemic has brought numerous challenges, from having no meetings with multitudes to working from home, which is a concept many had to learn and adopt. Thankfully the use of holographic technology in businesses has brought a lot of changes. The following are some of them;

  • Conferences

You might feel a lot of pressure when in front of an audience, especially a knowledgeable one that consists of experts. Moreover, you want to keep them interested in whatever you are presenting, which can be challenging. However, with 3-D content that gives them a holographic visual experience, they will fall in love with your presentation.

Therefore, you can use holographic AR in conferences to show how a new product or equipment works or even showcase new designs you have created. With 3-D visuals, you can take control of a room full of experts and professionals, impressing them in the process.

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  • Presentation

Unlike the traditional PowerPoint presentations, posters, and projected images, businesses can now take advantage of 3-D holographic visuals to show their products and services. Have something eye-catching on the screen for your audience.  With such 3-D content, you can bring your audience to the virtual world, ensuring they enjoy the experience.

Remember, when using these holographic visuals, you get to educate, inform, and entertain your audience. What’s more, this can be an opportunity to promote your business too. Therefore, increase the interaction at the click of a button with these 3-D visuals.

  • Trade Shows

This expert-filled industry requires you to bring a change in the age. In a trade show, you want the crowd to notice you and even leave them in awe, amazed with what they are seeing.  To achieve this, you can incorporate 3-D holographic elements into your stand, whether you have them in your logo or when demonstrating to them how your product works. You will mesmerize the crowd.

  • Product Promotion and Advertising

Businesses can use Holographic AR to produce high-quality visuals that come in handy when promoting their products. This brings a whole new vibe to the advertising experience. For instance, you can have a character that dances to show the various products you offer, rather than having a sign. This interacts with the customers and is also a way of inviting them to come shop at your store.

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The Future of Holographic AR

What does the future hold for Holographic AR? You might wonder. Numerous possibilities come with the evolution of this technology. Moreover, we expect to see developments and solutions that adjust to what the consumer and user need. This is possible when bright minds come together to be more innovative and imaginative.

Since users can interact in a virtual space, we can only expect the interaction to extend in various areas. For example, friends and families can enjoy interactive and immersive entertainment.

Moreover, Holographic AR has a lot of potentials, especially for educational purposes. School children can learn more with this technology. They will understand better some of the things they learn in their classrooms by interacting and exploring specific environments virtually. Therefore, holographic AR will become more educative.

Nonetheless, with a medium to interact, advertising will be more fun since brands and consumers will have an improved and personalized experience.


Holographic AR is an innovation that is bringing an interactive user experience in the virtual world. The good thing is, businesses are taking advantage of it to increase and enhance efficiency, as they strive to improve user experience too. The technology has varied applications, from conferences, advertising, promotion, to trade shows. Nonetheless, it has a lot of possibilities in the future. Holographic AR is sure a game-changer.

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