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Google Analytics 4; The Next Generation of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4

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Do you own a website or an app? Are you in the marketing industry? No doubt you want to increase the traffic or improve your audience engagement. Also, you may have already implemented tools to help you achieve this. The good news is that Google is here to help website and app owners. Earlier this year, it introduced Google Analytics 4 (GA4). So, what does this refer to? Why exactly do you need it? Is it worth switching to GA4? Please read on to find out the answers to these questions and much more.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Before diving deep into Google analytics 4, it is important to find out what it means. Well, this is an upgrade to Google Universal Analytics released on March 16th, 2022. It is a version of Google’s software in charge of data collection and web traffic analysis.

So, what is Google Analytics 4? This is Google’s analytics service that allows a user to measure the traffic and engagement of their audience on their website and app. Therefore, the instructions and reference materials you get from GA 4 aim at your website or app audience, tracking their interaction with your site or app. It makes it easier for you to better understand individuals using your app or website.

Google Analytics 4 is a great tool for content creators, as well as those involved in online marketing. This is because it aids in keeping track of how well your website or app is performing.

Just like any other business, you would like your online business to yield results. Thankfully, Google Analytics is here to help you achieve just that. However, why do you need GA4? Can it benefit your eCommerce business? Let us find out.

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Why Do You Need Google Analytics 4?

Google has taken years to develop the GA4. As a marketer, you may be wondering why the upgrade was important. The following are some of the reasons why you need the new Google Analytics 4 in your marketing;

It Gives a More Customizable Interface

The customizable nature of GA4’s interface is one of its best features. Therefore, when you switch from the Universal Interface to this new version, you won’t have to struggle with the previous problem. The GA4 improves your experience with the tool. It allows you to customize the data reports’ time range. What’s more, data access is easier with the GA4 interface.

More Detail to Reporting

If you have ever wanted more detailed reporting in analytics but never got the chance, GA4 got you sorted. It allows you to collect more data so you can gather more information on your virtual business web traffic. You can get this detailed report after days, weeks, or even months because the new model allows you to send whatever you’ve been tracking as events. What’s more, you can customize the events to suit your preference and liking.

More Control Over Custom Reporting

This is another feature of Google Analytics 4 that makes it impressive. Imagine having control over your custom reporting! With this new approach to analytics, you can control your data analysis. So, bid goodbye to GA3 limitations in matters of custom reporting by switching to GA4. Whether you want to better understand your users by having custom tables, layering segments, or funnel visualizations, you have control over your reports.

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Automated Tracking

Google Analytics 4 has an amazing feature that helps in automatic tracking. It is referred to as Enhanced Measurement. It keeps track of whatever action your site users engage in; from scrolling down the pages and clicking links to watching the videos. This is a move from Universal analytics which required you to set up a custom track. In the case of this new version, the tracking is automated for you.

Improved Real-Time Data

As an online marketer, you want to understand better the activities your website users engage in. What are they doing on your website o app? Imagine how amazing it is to get to know what your users engage in when they visit your site. Thankfully, you can have all this real-time data more efficiently with Google Analytics 4.

Enhanced Data Exporting

When you want to export data, you want it to be as relevant as possible to the goal you have in mind. Thankfully, with Google Analytics 4, you have more granular data that are relevant to your needs. What’s more, the amount of data you export with GA4 is more compared to Universal Analytics. Therefore, GA4 is the way to effective data exporting.

Switch to Google Analytics 4

Change is never easy, but is inevitable too. The changes and upgrades in the tech world are no different either. Therefore, one of the questions probably crossing your mind as a marketer is whether or not you should switch to Google Analytics 4. Well, simply put, you should upgrade to GA4.

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However, does the move mean you will lose the current data from Universal Analytics? The good news is that Google has not yet given out the signs of getting rid of Universal Analytics. What does this imply? It means you won’t lose the existing data in the old version. There will be a transfer and retention of the same to the new version, GA4, and you can keep on with data collection in this new version.

Importantly, you can keep having both versions, the GA3 and GA4. You can keep reporting and analyzing your data with Universal Analytics as you embrace yourself with the new Google analytics 4. Although nothing will happen if you don’t switch to the new model, we highly recommend the upgrade to Google Analytics 4. Wouldn’t you want to get the benefits of the improved data model GA4 brings? It has a new way of doing analytics, so why not embrace it?

Are You Ready?

Google Analytics 4 is an amazing approach to analytics. If you own a website or app, this is a tool you don’t want to miss out on. GA4 is here to make the process of collecting and reporting data, customizing the interface, and understanding your users better and more efficient. Are you ready for more control and a better approach to analytics with Google Analytics 4?

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