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7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2023


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 The easiest and quickest option to get a second passport is to apply for a Citizenship by Investment Program. With dual and triple citizenship available, the program is supported by governments all around the world. Furthermore, it presents a special chance to widen your horizons. However, there are further means through which you can obtain a second citizenship. This post walks you through the nations where obtaining citizenship is simplest.

1. Malta Citizenship

One of the simplest European nations to obtain EU citizenship is Malta. The alluring archipelago is a well-known tourist attraction. This is due to its rich culture and history and is located in southern Europe. Malta has become one of the best places for investors looking for citizenship and a second passport. This is a result of its first-quality healthcare system, stable political environment, low crime rate, affordable cost of living, and great economic potential.

The island country is a significant hub for business and a pioneer in fintech, making its citizenship program one of the most advantageous for investors seeking EU citizenship and access to the European market.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Scheme—more correctly known as the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations (CES)—allows foreign investors who wish to obtain a European passport to submit an application. Depending on their initial investment, the program awards successful candidates a Maltese passport in 12 to 36 months.

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The passport of Malta is one of the most powerful passports available, granting its users the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in Europe as well as access to more than 160 countries without a visa, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

2. Dominica Republic

The Dominican Republic has simple citizenship requirements, however, there is a significant financial component. You must be able to prove that you make at least $2,000 USD per month to secure permanent residence. An individual can petition for full citizenship after settling in there for two years as a permanent resident.

 However, the period is reduced to six months if they are married to a Dominican woman and eliminated completely if they are married to a Dominican man. A physical examination and a Spanish-language interview are both required steps in the three-year citizenship process. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is a citizenship fee of almost $200,000.

7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2023
7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2023

3. Sweden Citizenship

Sweden has one of the easiest citizenship laws in all of Europe. It requires only five years of residency to become a citizen. Moreover, there are no language requirements for new Swedes. For those who have been married to or living with a Swedish spouse for at least two years, this can be shortened to just three years.

However, you will need to provide evidence that you have successfully adapted to Swedish culture. Such cultures are by learning the language or by demonstrating that you are self-sufficient. A shortened process will also be advantageous to other Nordic nationals.

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Additionally, you should be aware that while quick trips abroad are acceptable, doing so for longer than six weeks in a calendar year may result in a longer wait before you can submit an application for citizenship. Additionally, for non-EU citizens, only time spent in Sweden while in possession of a valid residence permit counts toward your residency; if you came without one and later acquired one, the original period of time will be disregarded.

Although knowledge of the Swedish language is currently not necessary for citizenship, this could change in the future. The Swedish Ministry of Justice and Migration proposed in January 2021 to introduce an A2 language exam for prospective Swedes, with exceptions for vulnerable individuals who have made a reasonable effort to learn the language.

All you need to prove for the time being is your identification, how long you’ve been in Sweden, and the lack of any serious criminal convictions or debts because these proposals will go through a protracted political process before becoming law.

4. Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Making a one-time payment of at least $100,000 to the nation’s national development fund qualifies you to apply for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. Another choice is to put $400,000 into a real estate venture that has received government approval. The investment must be kept for five years. With an Antigua and Barbuda passport, you may travel to 151 countries without a visa. One of the simplest countries to obtain citizenship by investment is Antigua and Barbuda.

5. Germany

Germany, the nation with the second-highest rate of immigration in the world, has a well-established procedure for naturalization. It is possible to become a citizen of Germany if you have lived there for six to eight years, can pass the citizenship and German language tests, can support yourself, have no criminal records, and are ready to relinquish your current citizenship.

6. Portugal

The Golden Visa program of Portugal grants non-EU/EEA investors and their families five years of residency privileges. This is in return for a minimum qualifying investment in the country’s economy. The program offers a variety of investment paths. However, many people opt to invest in real estate for a minimum qualifying amount of €288,000.

7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2023
7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2023

The Portugal Golden Visa allows its holders to live anywhere they choose, including Portugal. They must go here for seven days annually to keep their resident visa. It is crucial to remember that a Portuguese language exam is necessary, and applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding of the language.

7. Norway Citizenship

Legislation enabling Norwegians (and foreigners desiring to become Norwegians) to maintain second citizenship in addition to their Norwegian citizenship was passed by Norway in 2020 after changing its limits on having multiple nationalities in 2015. To qualify for this desirable passport, immigrants must have lived in Norway for at least seven years with a current residency permit; but, unlike other countries, Norway’s immigration officials do tolerate brief absences.

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After submitting an online application, you must deliver a number of documents in person, including your birth certificates, marriage certificates (if applicable), a complete list of your arrivals and departures from Norway, at least seven years’ worth of tax returns, and a police report attesting to your “good conduct.

Citizenship in Easiest Countries

Depending on the country and the situation, people might need to wait a particular amount of time before they can apply for citizenship via naturalization. For certain countries, the waiting period might be as little as two years and as long as 10 years. Yet many nations have reduced residence requirements for specific categories, such as adopted children, spouses, refugees, etc.

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